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The Charmed Ones

Scott Patterson as Luke Danes ...

Birthday: September 11, 1958
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Height: 6'0"

About the actor: A former musician and major league baseball player, Scott Patterson brings his many talents to Gilmore Girls.

Born in Philadelphia, PA and raised in Baltimore, MD and New Jersey, Patterson channeled his artistic energy into music while growing up. He remembers being in a band "since third grade," and played guitar and fronted as lead singer all throughout high school.

He graduated from Rutgers University with a bachelor's degree in journalism while pursuing the second passion in his life: baseball. A professional-caliber pitcher, Patterson signed with the Atlanta Braves, and played with the New York Yankees, the Texas Rangers and the L.A. Dodgers. Patterson then retired and spent a year traveling through Europe in search of his next challenge.

A chance meeting with a fellow traveler and acting teacher inspired Patterson to try his hand at acting. He moved to New York and began serious study with such renowned acting coaches as Bobby Lewis, Sondra Lee and The Actors' Studio, where he appeared in numerous productions.

Since then, Patterson appeared on the big screen in Little Big League with Timothy Busfield and Jason Robards, and in Three Wishes with Patrick Swayze and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. He also stars in the independent films Highway 395 and Rhapsody in Bloom.

On television, he has had the distinction of landing romantic roles guest-starring opposite some appealing leading women. On Seinfeld, Patterson was deemed "sponge-worthy" by Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), had a profound effect on Grace (Debra Messing) in the "Das Boob" episode of Will & Grace, and played the love interests of Jennifer Grey in It's Like, You Know and Sharon Lawrence on Fired Up. He has also guest-starred on Arli$$, Get Real and Vengeance Unlimited, and appeared in the television movies Alien Nation: Dark Horizon and Return of Ironside.

About the character: Luke owns the local coffeeshop. He chastises Lorelai about her parenting choices, but he makes the best cup of coffee in town so she keeps coming back.

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