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Episode Guide, Season One ...

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1.01 - Pilot ...
Original airdate: October 5, 2000
The storybook town of Stars Hollow is home to 32-year-old Lorelai Gilmore and her 16-year-old daughter Rory. Rory and best friend Lane Kim are straight 'A' students at the local public high school, but when Rory is accepted into the prestigious Chilton Prep, the steep tuition forces Lorelai to try to mend the rift with her wealthy parents and ask for financial help.

1.02 - The Lorelais' First Day at Chilton ...
Original airdate: October 12, 2000
Rory's first day at Chilton Prep begins badly when Lorelai oversleeps and accompanies her daughter into the intimidating school wearing a t-shirt, cut-off jeans and cowboy boots, an outfit which draws disapproving stares from the other mothers and from her own mother, Emily.

1.03 - Kill Me Now ...
Original airdate: October 19, 2000
Emily badgers Richard into taking Rory to their country club for golf lessons after the grandparents learn Rory's required to join a school sports team. Meanwhile, at the Independence Inn Lorelai oversees the double wedding of a set of spoiled twin brides.

1.04 - The Deer-Hunters ...
Original airdate: October 26, 2000
Still struggling to catch up at Chilton, Rory receives the first "D" of her life on an assignment and plunges into obsessive studying. When Rory's surreal encounter with a deer causes her to miss an exam, she has an uncharacteristic outburst, leading to a parent-teacher conference where Lorelai meets Rory's handsome teacher, Max Medina.

1.05 - Cinnamon's Wake ...
Original airdate: November 2, 2000
Mother and daughter both wrestle with romance when Rory finds herself painfully flustered every time she is around Dean, while Lorelai agrees to have dinner with Rory's teacher Max Medina even though she is consumed with worry over Rory's reaction.

1.06 - Rory's Birthday Parties ...
Original airdate: November 9, 2000
It's Rory's birthday, and her grandmother and mother each plan a party representative of their respective styles. Emily's elegant party so discomfits Rory that they argue and to make peace, Emily and Richard attend Lorelai's informal bash the next evening.

1.07 - Kiss and Tell ...
Original airdate: November 16, 2000
When Rory neglects to tell Lorelai that she experienced her first kiss with Dean, Lorelai tries to overcome her hurt feelings and prove she's fine with their relationship by inviting Dean over to watch videos, a move that humiliates Rory.

1.08 - Love and War and Snow ...
Original airdate: December 14, 2000
A blinding snowstorm strands Rory at her grandparents' house giving Lorelai a rare opportunity to spend the night with Rory's teacher Max, while the townspeople brave the snow to stage their annual reenactment of a Revolutionary war battle.

1.09 - Rory's Dance ...
Original airdate: December 20, 2000
Rory asks Dean to accompany her to a formal dance at Chilton, but the lovely evening is spoiled when they fall asleep together after the dance, leading to a fight between Emily and Lorelai over who has been a worse mother.

1.10 - Forgiveness and Stuff ...
Original airdate: December 21, 2000
Hurt and upset when she finds herself "dis-invited" to her parents' annual Christmas bash, Lorelai is frantic when she hears that her father has collapsed at the party. Luke rushes Lorelai to the hospital where everyone confronts their long-standing resentments and misunderstandings.

1.11 - Paris is Burning ...
Original airdate: January 11, 2001
As the relationship with Rory's teacher Max grows more serious, Lorelai panics and decides to end it, but her attempt to break up with him during Parent-Teacher night at Chilton causes even more trouble at school for Rory.

1.12 - Double Date ...
Original airdate: January 18, 2001
Lorelai encourages Sookie to ask out her produce man, Jackson, but soon finds herself on the double date from hell with Jackson's very odd cousin, which makes Luke jealous enough to finally ask Lorelai out. Meanwhile, Rory and Lane get into trouble when they double date without telling their moms.

1.13 - Concert Interruptus ...
Original airdate: February 15, 2001
Lorelai is psyched when Sookie scores four great seats to a Bangles concert, but she ends up offering the tickets to Rory so she can bond with three of her new schoolmates, but a chance meeting with cute college boys changes everyone's plans.

1.14 - That Damn Donna Reed ...
Original airdate: February 22, 2001
When she accidentally loses the tiny chick that is Rory's science project, Lorelai calls Luke to help her search the house, but he misreads her cry for help as a romantic invitation. Meanwhile, Rory quarrels with Dean when he admits that he finds the idea of a Donna Reed-type housewife charming.

1.15 - Christopher Returns ...
Original airdate: March 1, 2001
Rory’s father, Christopher, makes an unexpected visit to Stars Hollow, reawakening old passions with Lorelai and stirring up old feelings of anger and resentment between Lorelai and her parents.

1.16 - Star-Crossed Lovers and Other Strangers ...
Original airdate: March 8, 2001
Dean makes an elaborate fuss over the couple's three-month anniversary, but the evening is spoiled when he declares his love for Rory. Meanwhile, Lorelai suffers through an uncomfortable dinner with her parents and after escaping, discovers that Luke's old flame has returned to Stars Hollow.

1.17 - The Breakup, Part 2 ...
Original airdate: March 15, 2001
Rebounding from a fight with Dean, Rory ends up kissing Tristan at a party, while Lorelai follows her own impulse to show up at Max's house for a night of passion.

1.18 - The Third Lorelai ...
Original airdate: March 22, 2001
When Richard's mother, the original Lorelai, arrives from London and offers Lorelai a trust fund for Rory's education, Emily goes into an emotional tailspin, fearing that if Lorelai and Rory have financial independence, she'll lose contact with them again.

1.19 - Emily in Wonderland ...
Original airdate: April 26, 2001
After spending a day with Rory in Stars Hollow and seeing the tiny house where Lorelai lived when Rory was a baby, Emily is inspired to create what she thinks will be a teen-dream bedroom for her granddaughter.

1.20 - P.S. I Lo... ...
Original airdate: May 3, 2001
When Rory discovers that Lorelai and her teacher Max are seeing each other again and that Lane and Dean are bonding as study partners, she blows up at her mom and escapes to her grandparents' house. Lorelai angrily confronts Dean and discovers the real reason behind her daughter's break-up.

1.21 - Love, Daisies, and Troubadours ...
Original airdate: May 10, 2001
Lorelai is becoming seriously involved with Max just as she finds herself getting in the middle of another relationship when Luke's girlfriend Rachel accuses him of being in love with Lorelai. Meanwhile, Rory has her own romance drama and tries to work up the courage to win Dean back.

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