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Main Cast and Characters ...

Lauren Graham
(Lorelai Gilmore)

Alexis Bledel
(Rory Gilmore)

Keiko Agena
(Lane Kim)

Kelly Bishop
(Emily Gilmore)

Sean Gunn

Edward Herrmann
(Richard Gilmore)

Melissa McCarthy
(Sookie St. James)

Jared Padalecki
(Dean Forester)

Scott Patterson
(Luke Danes)

Liz Torres
(Miss Patty)

Yanic Truesdale
(Michel Gerard)

Milo Ventimiglia
(Jess Mariano)

Liza Weil
(Paris Geller)

Recurring Cast and Characters ...

Mädchen Amick
(Sherry Tinsdale)

Alex Borstein

Adam Brody

Scott Cohen
(Max Medina)

Shelly Cole

Jackson Douglas
(Jackson Melville)

Emily Kuroda
(Mrs. Kim)

Dakin Matthews
(Headmaster Charleston)

Chad Michael Murray
(Tristan DuGrey)

Teal Redmann
(Louise Grant)

Ted Rooney
(Morey Dell)

Sally Struthers
(Babette Dell)

David Sutcliffe
(Christopher Hayden)

Michael Winters
(Taylor Doose)

Adam Wylie
(Brad Langford)

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